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Dermarollers is a procedure in which skin is stimulated to repair and regenerate itself safely and naturally. It is a natural skin repair and regeneration therapy which is also used to remove stretch marks. Dermaroller significantly improves the appearance of stretch marks, facial and décolletage wrinkles and lines, sun-damaged skin, aged skin, scars including acne scars, and wrinkles on hands.


Microneedling is a great treatment for someone whose skin has become dark as the process does not involve lasers or peels. This treatment can be performed on the face as well as elsewhere on the body. The price, however, varies from the area and size of the skin where this treatment is required. The best results of the process are seen after a course of treatment. Skin can get wrinkled and damaged with the passage of time. It is a natural process but there are also other factors involved which can speed up this process and result in acne scars, cellulite, stretch marks, and deep scarring. If you are concerned about such problems and want healthier, smooth, and younger-looking skin then micro-needling/derma roller therapy is the right treatment for you.

Why Need Dermarollers?

It is best for anyone who has acne scars, larger pores, or someone who is looking to have a skin-tightening boost. Different needles are used in the treatment process. Thicker and deeper needles are used for treating scarring. Shorter and thinner needles are used for treating refine pores.

There are certain medical situations in which dermarolling is not advised. These include eczema, warts, and psoriasis. These diseases are prone to spread which is why dermarolling is not advised due to rolling over the face. Anyone experiencing acne scars shouldn’t roll over cystic skin from a zit because it will spread bacteria all over the face.

Make Sure You Follow These Steps

The skin must be completely clean of dirt and oil before starting the dermarolling. Cleanse with a foaming cleanser and use toner for balancing the PH. It is also useful to clean the skin with antiseptic before pricking.

Dermaroller should be placed on a clean surface e.g. on a towel. If the tool will be used again then clean it with Barbicide or CaviCide. It is also advised to soak the Dermaroller in an alcohol-based soak once a weak. A gold plated Dermaroller can last a long time whereas a plastic Dermaroller can last for about six months.


Retinol: One should not introduce it with dermarolling simultaneously because it will then give rise to an intense reaction. It is also advised that one should stop retinol at least five days before dermarolling.