Nasolabial Folds

Get Rid of Your Smile Lines And Grow Younger

The deep wrinkles or lines that extend from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth are called nasolabial folds and are pretty common, however, their severity may vary from people to people. While it’s a common enough occurrence, some people may want theirs to be less prominent.


Nasolabial folds deepen with age, sun damage and even smoking. The ultraviolet rays from the sun break down your skin’s elastin fibers and collagen that keeps it supported and smooth. Your nasolabial folds may become more prominent as a result of cumulative skin damage as you age. Even if you are not smoking or not suffering from sun damage, ageing itself can play a part in deepening those folds. Another reason for having prominent laugh lines can be significant weight gain or loss that can lead to plumper cheeks and accentuated folds or looser skin respectively.

Treating Nasolabial Folds

Our team of experts can find the right treatment for you by finding out the cause behind your deepening nasolabial folds. Usually, fillers are the first step towards reducing these folds. Here at Instyle Aesthetics, our aesthetic professionals determine the type of treatment that you’ll need, depending upon the severity of your nasolabial folds.

Injecting fillers into the skin not only adds volume to the area but also lifts the skin. The severity of the fold determines what type of filler and how much is needed. They can be easily injected and do not need any recovery time. However, some people may experience slight bruising for a little while as aftereffects but it can be covered up with makeup.

Fillers last for 6 months to 2 years while most of them last for a duration of 6 to 9 months.